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Brain injuries are devastating and life-changing, but unlike a cut or a bruise, cannot be seen. Victims are often misunderstood by those close to them and sometimes go undiagnosed, untreated and uncompensated.

If you have suffered a brain injury from a car accident, fall, assault, trauma to the head, or any other cause, you may experience headaches, depression, personality changes, short-term memory loss, dizziness, sensory problems and/or vision problems.

On top of these health issues, brain injury victims face legal, financial and insurance-related burdens at a time when they feel least able to bear them. If you or your loved one has been injured in this way, you will need someone who can fight for your rights.

The Grosso Hooper Law team has years of experience in helping brain injury victims get the compensation and medical benefits they deserve.

We understand the impact a traumatic brain injury can have on you and those you love. Our personal injury lawyers will fight for you, get results, and help you start rebuilding your life.

How We Fight for You!

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$17,000,000 won for an accident victim
Fought and won in the Supreme Court of Canada
$8,000,000 won for a brain injury victim
98% success rate in court
Our team has almost 70 years of combined experience
Unprecedented $1,500,000 won for a sexual assault victim
100% success rate for appeals
$0 in upfront fees

“When you or your loved one’s abilities have been compromised due to a Brain Injury, our team will step in and fight to obtain compensation during recovery and to provide quality of life support afterwards.” 

– Rob Hooper

Our Winning Record

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Smith v. Safranyos – Motor Vehicle Accident

A horrendous two car collision occurred in the City of Hamilton. A vehicle operated by Ms. Dawn Safranyos, carrying four children, failed to yield the right of way and was “T-boned” at highway speed by an approaching vehicle.

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Personal Injury Legal Process

The legal process can take a long time, but Grosso Hooper Law will fight for you to move your case forward as quickly as possible and will keep you informed every step of the way.

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Personal Injury Compensation

View answers to commonly asked questions about personal injury compensation. We will review your case and advise the best way to proceed for your unique circumstance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to common personal injury questions. If you have a question that is not in this list, or would like specific information in regards to your injury, or a loved one’s injury, please contact us.

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Glossary of Legal Terms

This glossary helps provide definitions to some of the most common personal injury terms including items such as: Arbitration, Plaintiff and Liability.

“Our TEAM always FIGHTS until the final buzzer. Experience, teamwork and strategy are the keys to victory. Both Wheelchair Basketball Canada and Grosso Hooper Law know what it takes to WIN.”

– Élodie Tessier, Team Canada

In Your Court to Fight for You and Your Client

Our legal team is dedicated to fighting for the rights of injured people. If you have a client who needs help with benefits or compensation, you can be confident referring them to Grosso Hooper Law.

Always in Your Court to Fight for You

Thank you so much for all of your assistance over these past several months. You and Mr. Hooper have been such a great blessing to us. Thank you again!


Rob was extremely helpful and definitely went the extra mile to help me out. Rob and his staff were very compassionate towards my situation and took the load off my shoulders. He helped me get through the whole case – it was my first mediation and with Rob it was really easy. The whole process from beginning to end was very smooth and very stress-free. I’ll definitely be using him again in the future.  Thank you, Rob!


When I went to Rob to help me out with my car accident, he became more of a friend. I was frustrated with therapy and on the verge of depression, and he totally made me feel comfortable. He made me feel really important, like I was top priority. Going through mediation he was very well prepared. I had complete confidence in him, and he made me feel confident in myself too. Above all, having had experiences with lawyers, I had a really good sense of his integrity. He’s very approachable with a good sense of humour. I’ve recommended him to my friends and family.


Rob was great. I initially had another lawyer who was totally unavailable and left me floundering. I fired that lawyer and met with Rob, and the difference was incredible. In the years that he handled my case, I couldn’t believe the availability – he came to my home in Dunnville if that was more convenient for me, he was really accommodating and sympathetic to my situation. I was so impressed with him that my girlfriend fired her lawyer and came to Rob too. She had a brain injury, so it was great to know she was safe and in good hands when I couldn’t be there. It’s rare to find a lawyer with that kind of honesty and integrity. He’s a good guy and he’ll fight for you all the way. I would recommend him to absolutely anyone. Choosing the right lawyer is the most important decision you can make. If you don’t like your lawyer, you have the right to switch – and you’ll never regret choosing Rob Hooper.


I’d like to thank you, Mr. Robert Hooper, and everyone else at the Hooper Law Office for everything that has been done for me and to win my case. I feel relieved now that this long overdue case has now been settled and I can put this unfortunate accident behind me. Once again thank you for everything that has been done.


Our Team of Experts

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Mary Grosso, B.A., LL.B.

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Kimberly Jossul, B.Sc. (Hons), LL.B.

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Robert Hooper, B.A., LL.B.

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