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Refer your clients. You will receive a referral fee, and your clients will receive the best in personal injury expertise.

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New Law Society of Upper Canada Referral Fee rules and documents. Grosso Hooper Law is ready!

On April 27, 2017, the LSUC set a cap on referral fees based on a percentage of the legal fee: 15% for the first $50,000 of legal fees and 5% of all legal fees thereafter, to an absolute cap of $25,000. There are also specific documents the LSUC requires you to complete to support the referral fees and to make sure that your client understands clearly how the referral fees work.

When you refer your client who has had a motor vehicle accident, suffered an injury from medical malpractice, been sexually assaulted or has another personal injury issue, we have these referral fee documents ready, to minimize the administrative hurdles for your office to satisfy the new LSUC requirements.

Looking for more information and resources? Click on the documents below:

  • Strategy

    Ongoing statutory and judicial changes are making it challenging to keep up, prompting more lawyers to specialize. Instead of hiring more staff, over 60 lawyers have already decided that referring their clients to Grosso Hooper Law is a winning strategy.

    Dedicated solely to the practice of personal injury law, Grosso Hooper Law’s experts will act as your very own personal injury department. You receive a referral fee and you enjoy a reciprocal relationship when we refer clients back to you.


    Grosso Hooper Law has extensive trial experience, winning 98% of cases. Even though we favourably settle over 90% of cases, we do not hesitate to take a case that warrants it to trial.

    We treat their clients as if they were our own. Refer your clients to us with the full confidence that we will put our formidable team to work for both you and them.


    Referring your clients to Grosso Hooper Law is a win/win scenario. You can be confident that your clients will be well served by our legal team. It has years of experience in helping brain or spinal injury, assault or medical malpractice victims get the compensation and medical benefits they deserve. When your clients win, you win.


    Focusing on their recovery and wellbeing as soon as possible is so important for your client. We’ll assist them with the necessary paperwork to get medical benefits flowing, provide access to our extensive network of healthcare experts, be there when they speak to an adjuster, and navigate the dispute process to secure all of the insurance benefits and other compensation they deserve. Protecting victims’ rights and helping them move forward with life is our ultimate focus.


    Serving your clients well is what drives your team, and ours. Offering clients the highest calibre of personal injury law expertise gives you the assurance that they will receive the specialized and caring assistance they need. Our passion for helping victims get the justice they deserve translates into satisfied clients for you.


    Everything we do is rooted in integrity. Our lawyer referral program honours The Law Society of Upper Canada’s Rules of Professional Conduct and we will never take additional work from any referred client without your approval. Where it makes sense, we refer clients to you for the services you provide. We invite you to talk to us early on in the process so we can ensure the most satisfactory outcomes for both you and your client.


  • Referring your clients is easy and fast. Simply call 905-522-8002 or email us at contact me.

If you refer a client to us and no prior work has been done on their case, you will receive 15% for the first $50,000 of legal fees and 5% of all legal fees thereafter, to an absolute cap of $25,000, once the case is closed.

If you have already begun work on your client’s case, I will be happy to negotiate a suitable fee with you, as well as paying all third party disbursements up front.

If your client’s case is set to go to trial and you would like me to represent your client as trial counsel, I will need the file a minimum of six months before the trial date and we can work out a financial relationship.

Whatever your requirements, I would recommend you make the referral as early in the proceedings as possible to ensure the most satisfactory outcome for both you and your client.

Yes. We have a reciprocal relationship with referring lawyers. If you refer your clients to us for personal injury services, we will refer clients to you for services you can provide.

Yes. If you refer a client to us, we will not take additional work from them without your approval.

We welcome your continued involvement in the case if your client desires it.

You can refer to the Rules of Professional Conduct - Rule 2 (click here) specifically:

2.08 (7) Where a lawyer refers a matter to another lawyer because of the expertise and ability of the other lawyer to handle the matter and the referral was not made because of a conflict of interest, the referring lawyer may accept and the other lawyer may pay a referral fee provided that

(a) the fee is reasonable and does not increase the total amount of the fee charged to the client, and
(b) the client is informed and consents.

2.08 (8) A lawyer shall not

(a) directly or indirectly share, split, or divide his or her fees with any person who is not a lawyer, or
(b) give any financial or other reward to any person who is not a lawyer for the referral of clients or client matters.

This rule does not prohibit an arrangement respecting the purchase and sale of a law practice when the consideration payable includes a percentage of revenues generated from the practice sold.
[New - May 2001]

Exception for Multi-discipline Practices and Interprovincial and International Law Firm

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