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February 2011

Sex assault victim wins $300,000 from Hess Village night club manager

Sexually assaulting an employee will cost a Hamilton businessman and his bar more than $300,000.

The civil award against night club manager Denis Vranich and Elixir Lounge and Night Club came out of a lawsuit filed by the victim, a waitress at the club. It includes more than $26,000 to pay for psychological counselling for her.

“Both she and I are happy he has awarded her monies for the injuries and pain and suffering at the higher level,” he said.

He said the next step is for Vranich “to adhere to the law and pay” for his actions, but Hooper noted his client has to enforce the judgment.

“Our hope is that Mr. Vranich makes next steps unnecessary because he will do what every good citizen should do which is pay the judgment against him. If not, my client will look at what are the next steps to enforce the judgment with respect to his assets.”

Whitten’s final award included $125,000 in general and aggravated damages, $25,000 in punitive damages, $75,000 for loss of future earning power, $26,650 for future therapy costs and legal costs of $48,753.

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