Fighting Off the Court

July 2020

Statement from the Canadian Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Team on Athlete Eligibility for the Paralympic Games

Excerpt from Press Release from Wheelchair Basketball Canada

The Canadian Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Team is extremely happy to confirm that all of the 4.0 and 4.5 athletes on our team have met the eligibility requirements of the International Paralympic Committee’s (IPC) Classification Code. It is an enormous relief that we are able to continue participating in the sport that we love and that we have worked so hard to pursue at the highest level. After months of exhaustive waiting, we can now finally move forward with our preparations for Tokyo.

As Canadian athletes, we are fiercely proud to represent a country where inclusivity is so deeply ingrained in our culture and reflected in how the game is played. In our domestic league, able-bodied players are included alongside persons with disabilities. From the classification system to on-court strategy, everyone is welcome and has an important role to play. This system has allowed us all to play as equals. As a nation, this has only served to strengthen our leagues, our players, and our love for the sport.

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Fighting Off the Court

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